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There will never be any pressure or obligation to engage our services at MSC Law Group, but you will leave the consultation with an understanding of your options for getting out of debt. If personal debt has grown unmanageable, talk to an experienced lawyer about negotiating a settlement.


Thousands of people are facing financial crisis, usually due to unforeseen circumstances. While Bankruptcy is a solution that works for some, it is not the right solution for everyone seeking debt relief. Debt settlement can be a great alternative to Bankruptcy or other types of Debt Resolution as it provides a method to eliminate or reduce most of your credit card debt. MSC Law Group offers free consultations for people looking for workable solutions to resolve their debt. At MSC Law Group, our primary goal is to provide you with fast and efficient service to give you financial stress relief as soon as possible. We understand your dilemma, and we value your business. That is why we make every effort to return every phone call immediately, to answer every question quickly and accurately, and assist you in handling your debt as soon as possible. Handling your case competently is of course vital, but our clients also appreciate our caring and compassionate approach. From your very first visit with us, you will know that you are in good hands and on your way to debt and stress relief.

MSC Law Group offers the following:

  • An experienced debt settlement attorney will review your current financial situation, including your income, expenses, real estate and other assets
  • We will analyze your current budget needs and your income to determine what is owed and what you can afford to pay on a monthly basis
  • If you have significant unsecured debt and the financial means to settle, and if bankruptcy is not a viable option, you can choose to engage our debt settlement services (If bankruptcy is an option, your lawyer will refer you to a bankruptcy attorney)
  • We will quote a reasonable fee up front based on the amount of your debt
  • The law firm will send letters to your creditors, advising them we will represent you and to direct all further contact to the law firm
  • You will never again need to talk to your creditors, we will handle all communications
  • We will establish a dialog with your creditors and negotiate a settlement
  • We will set up a plan to put aside the money needed to settle your debt

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